Replacing a Mobile Home in a Mobile Home Park is a Solution for Thousands of Californians 

Own an older mobile home in a park? Love your community and your neighbors, but your home is in need of an extensive upgrade? Our mobile home replacement program may be the answer.

Many owners of older mobile homes in California mobile home parks have a desire to upgrade their home, but face some serious challenges.  

Extensive remodels can be costly and difficult to manage. Once you start peeling back the layers of a remodel job, the money pit can become deep. Outdated kitchens and bath remodels can run into the thousands. Upgrading out of code plumbing and electrical systems can be complicated and difficult to budget. New flooring, new roof, new windows, siding; what do you complete and what do you leave out? 

No matter what you choose for your remodel, it won't be a new home. You can't match the quality, style and energy efficiency of today's new manufactured homes.

What about value when you get ready to sell?  Today's manufactured home buyer understands the quality of modern manufactured homes and seek newer floor plans, features and value. We maintain the most comprehensive valuation database in California.

Industry Best Manufactured Home Financing

Better financing is available for newer homes too. We know. As a Division of MH Loans Corporation, we've been closing manufactured home loans for years. And as a member of California's top dealer network, our low cost approach to home sales makes financial sense for replacement home buyers.

Replacing your manufactured home in a park may be more affordable than you think. For more information about our manufactured home replacement and finance programs, contact us.