Planning Your Manufactured Home Construction Project

Building a manufactured or modular home on land allows new home buyers to realize value, style energy efficiency and affordability of today's quality factory built homes.

The Management Team at MH Factory Homes has experience with land home manufactured and modular home construction for residential ownership and for investment. It's an increasingly wise choice, but requires a big investment from the customer and the builder. There are several ways we can work, but it all takes planning.

Our preferred method is though a One Time Close program that allows customers to include land pay off (acquisition OK), home purchase and construction all into one loan. Once total acquisition costs are determined, the home is appraised and construction can begin. 


What do you want and where are we building it? Most customers have an idea of what they are looking for, but the vision is as unique as the individual. Reaching the place where that vision becomes crystal clear requires a great deal of coordination. With land values increasing, building on land you own is great option in the San Diego and Orange County Markets. Many home owners are replacing existing homes in resident owned communities and Senior Planned Unit Developments, Manufactured home Condo Associations and Co-operatives. When you've found that perfect parcel, we can help you build on it. Our affiliate company, MH Realty Associates, can even help you acquire it under terms that make it work.

As retailer, we are responsible for all aspects of the work. We can provide turnkey quotes or we can work with your contractors.Land owners and buyers are not allowed to complete any of the dirt, land work or construction. All invoices must be from licensed and insured third party contractors. 

Cost and Pricing

One of the great things about factory built construction is removing the guess work or home construction from the equation. This will be often be the first fixed component in our cost tracking system. Land acquisition cost will of course become fixed but moving dirt and other components  of construction will need to be estimated to evaluate the overall plan.


We are "Building Value." Yes, we can take advantage of factory construction economics, but when you compare the costs of manufactured and modular construction in Southern California, the savings add up. We will compare your "Ideal Home" to the market. If you are financing, your new home will be appraised before it is built. It's important your new manufactured home design reflect overall marketability. 


Once you are satisfied with the project feasibility, it's time to begin detailed planning. Your financial commitment will be required either through a reliable loan commitment or a cash deposit into escrow. The client's financial requirement in the form of funds required will be detailed in joint escrow instructions. All funds are to be held and disbursed by escrow based on milestone project completion. Requirements may vary depending on the nature of the transaction.