Manufactured Home Construction Loan

California's best manufactured home and loan program merges manufactured home and land construction into a single close FHA loan. 

An all inclusive FHA manufactured home and land construction loan available with 3.5% down payment. The acquisition or payoff of the land and construction of your new home are all combined into a single close loan. No re-qualifying, not second appraisal or second set of closing costs.  


The One Time Close Loan (OTC) for manufactured home and land construction and land acquisition program is an easy to qualify for FHA loan designed for California manufactured home construction on a permanent foundation on land you own or are buying. Whether you are building your first home or or replacing a manufactured home in a resident owned community, our One Time Close Loan is the best manufactured home purchase and finance option in the market.

Title to the land is secured at closing and construction is paid in stages. Construction loan costs and interim interest are added to the sales price of the home and are not considered seller contributions for the loan. Once construction is complete, the construction loan is converted to the permanent loan. No Second Closing is Required. 

10 Steps to a Successful OTC

  1. Determine feasibility and rough cost estimate
  2. Market analysis
  3. loan approval
  4. OK to go.
  5. Complete floor plan and loan approval
  6. Complete site plan and engineering
  7. Finalize order and all approvals 
  8. Close Your Loan
  9. Construction
  10. Certificate of Occupancy  - Loan modification

You mean we close before the home is built?

That's right. Then we have six months to complete the entire construction process. 

Can I use my land as a Down Payment?

Yes, the value of your land can be your down payment. Whether you own the land free and clear, have a land only loan, or even a loan on existing structure, the equity in your property can be considered down payment for the purposes of the One Time Close loan. 

How do Construction Loan Draws Work?

Typically the construction loan component  is calculated after all construction costs including delivery and setup of the new home home. Funds are disbursed in 3 draws.

  • Foundation and site work
  • Home purchase & delivery
  • Setup and completion

Can I buy an old mobile home on land  and replace it? 

Yes you can! The aging inventory of in California manufactured home owners associations and condominium associations is in need of a working replacement home product. Permitting and planning for replacement is a simple and less costly process.

What about developing on raw land?

The OTC is perfect for new construction and and can be completed in modular ground set configuration for maximum value, stability and curb appeal.  Buying on undeveloped land requires a high level of seller cooperation and patience during the planning process. Use of a land contract or purchase of an option is a common method of "buying time" to engineer your project. New land development will require building jurisdiction fees. California land development fees are high and approval times are long.