Replacing a Manufactured Home in a Resident Owned Community 

The cost of remodeling an older California manufactured home can overwhelming. We've teamed up with Cavco Homes and the industry's best lenders to provide an affordable manufactured home replacement program in San Diego County. 

Southern California hosts thousands of manufactured homes that are now 30 to 40 years old. Manufactured home owners in Planned Unit Developments and Condominium communities are faced with costly remodels. Many are looking for manufactured home replacement options, but don't think there is an option. 


Should I remodel or replace my manufactured home? 

After 30 years, all homes begin to wear out. Wiring is out of code, plumbing is in need of repair, appliances, heating, air conditioning and windows need to be replaced, the list gets long and expensive fast. What about the home value?  Will your remodel add value to your home or just salvage the value? What kind of warranty does the work have? What about marketability when you are ready to sell?   

Regardless of your remodel budget, you can't change the age of the home. The gap between sales prices of newer and older manufactured homes continues to increase. The demand for a new manufactured home in a quality land owned community is stronger than ever.  And you can't match the design, quality, style, energy efficiency and curb appeal of modern manufactured home design. 

Find out how affordable manufactured home replacement can be

For many owners of older homes, paying all cash to replace their home is not an option. There is an alternative.  We offer a One Time Close Construction Loan that allows you to combine the payoff of any existing liens with the purchase and construction of a new manufactured home into a single close FHA loan. Your current equity is your down payment. The program works even if you have a mortgage on your existing older home. Construction loan costs are built into total cost and are included in the permanent loan.

The process is unique, but very simple. We evaluate your project and financing in a few quick steps.  Once the budget and loan are approved the loan is closed before any construction begins. Any existing liens are satisfied at closing and construction is completed in a Guaranteed Three Draw Construction Process. When construction is complete, payments on the permanent loan begin. 

Buy and Replace?  It's happening every day. We can make that work too.