Modular Home Design for San Diego by MH Factory Homes

Residential Style Floor Plans by Cavco West. Construction and Finance by MH Factory Homes


We feature a full range of residential floor plans designed by Cavco West including custom design Residential Modular homes. There are times when a modular design is more desirable than a HUD Code design.

While most land home construction lending accommodates both HUD Code and Modular (IRC/UBC) Home construction, there are situations where a Modular Design works better due to deed restrictions or covenants.Looking to customize your modular home 


Mortgages Designed for Modular Homes

We've put together the industry best financing for your manufactured home construction project. Our One Time Close Construction Loan combines land acquisition, new home purchase and construction all into one loan.

Not sure which works best for your project?  Talk to us. We can help with design, planning, permitting. As your mortgage company at MH Loans California, we can help you understand and qualify for the very best financing terms for your project.