Selling Your Home in  a Mobile Home Park

Know your Options when it comes to Selling your Manufactured Home in a Land Lease Community.

Working with a Manufactured Home Specialist Makes a difference. What's the best strategy for selling your mobile or manufactured home? We've closed thousands. You will appreciate our experience.

Selling Your Used Manufactured Home in a Park? 

Ready to sell?  We know the market and can help you with valuation and marketing. We offer selling strategies for every situation. 

Do you know what the home next door sold for? We do! You need to know.

We know your community and the market. The value of your home is market driven and depends on the age and condition of the home, but it also dependent on the value of your lot. Simple economic laws of supply and demand are a factor across the State of California. New park construction is non-existent and desirable land lease communities are full. Your value is not just in your home, value is also your right to lease the space. Many California home owners don't think there is value if they "rent in a mobile home park." There different ways of estimating, but your California land lease has value. We operate the most comprehensive manufactured home sales database in California and can help you figure it out.

Options for Selling Your Manufactured Home. 

In California, you can sell your manufactured home in a mobile home park through a Licensed Dealer or through a licensed REALTOR. We offer the best of both worlds. Our affiliate, MH Realty Associates at is an active Southern California real estate company specializing in factory built home sales and finance.

Selling your home through our real estate company provides the greatest distribution via the MH Realty multiple listing system membership. (MLS.) There are situations where the sale is best handled through a licensed dealer.We'll take the time to explain both options, giving you the choice.

Maximize the Sale of Your Old Mobile Home. 

There are thousands of 1970 and 1980 model homes in Southern California that need to be replaced. If you are thinking about selling and the cost of repairs is too high, you may be able to get a better price letting us sell a new home in your space. It's an easy valuation. Factory direct pricing allows us to create more value for you and a new manufactured home buyer.

Replacing Your Manufactured Home in a Park

Not Ready to Move? At MH Factory Homes, we provide solutions for replacing your older manufactured home. We can help you find the right design at the right price and select a new energy efficient home that you will enjoy now with value you will appreciate in the future.